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Dr.Cliff approved provider network connects consumers with hearing care providers nationwide that are committed to providing the highest level of hearing care service to their patients, by implementing Hearing Aid Best Practices. Dr.Frink, Co-owner of Salem Audiology Clinic offers just that. If you are looking for a clinic that will give you the knowledge needed to make the best-informed decision for you and your hearing while offering top-level service than Salem Audiology Clinic is a perfect fit for you.  

  • Risk-Free Hearing Aid Evaluations
  • Real Ear Measurement Testing
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  • Lifetime Cleaning and Adjustments

Hearing Aid Specialists in the Willamette Valley for over 30 years

Helping people overcome hearing loss in the Willamette Valley since 1982. We have always been in the business of building lasting relationships. Your hearing is our number-one priority from the moment you call to your first appointment, our approach has remained the same. Treat each patient like we would our own family. See what some of our patients have to say about their experience at Salem Audiology Clinic.

Salem Audiology Clinic

Your Local Salem/Keizer Hearing Specialists

Are you ready to start living your life to the fullest again? Without the barrier of hearing loss, you’ll feel reconnected to the people, activities, and sounds that matter most, without the stress and strain that hearing impairment creates.

Dr. C. Scott Frink, Co-Owner of Salem Audiology obtained his degree in audiology in 2004 but has been involved in the hearing aid industry since 1990. Aside from helping run Salem Audiology Clinic, he is a contributing editor for Your Health magazine, a local periodical and is passionate about assisting the hearing impaired. Serving on the Oregon State Hearing Aid Licensing Board since 2002, with a strong focus on consumer rights.  he has presented numerous seminars in technology and practice development for state associations in his region.

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We work with many different insurance companies, meaning “in-network” for those plans. 

If you don’t see your insurance listed, give us a call or call your insurance provider to check your coverage.

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With three locations to better serve you 

Salem Audiology Clinic has three locations to serve you. Dr. Frink and staff provide an experience like no other to those in the Willamette Valley, Salem, Woodburn, and surrounding areas. Please see below some of the additional services offered at our clinics to better help you and your loved ones. 

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