Earth Day April 22nd

Salem Audiology Clinic would like to share a few tips on how you can be environmentally savvy in going green this earth day as a hearing ad user.

Consider rechargeable hearing aids.

Many of today’s hearing aid manufacturers offer rechargeable options and have made it very convenient to keep them charged. Most, if not all, come with a charging case that doubles as a protective place to keep your hearing aids while charging. Each night, you can place your hearing aids in the charger and wake up with fully charged batteries.

Be sure to purchase mercury-free batteries.

Mercury is a harmful heavy metal. When considering going green, know how to discard hearing aid batteries properly. mercury-based batteries can leak from our landfills into our water supply. At Salem Audiology Clinic, we only use mercury-free hearing aid batteries. Our battery club allows you to purchase these long-lasting, mercury-free batteries and even earn free packages over time.

Mercury free hearing aid batteries

Properly dispose of hearing aid batteries.

When you replace your hearing aid batteries, place them in a child- and pet-proof container immediately until you can take them to a recycling center. Please do not leave them on a counter or throw them in the trash can.

Chose custom-fit earplugs over disposable.

Rather than using disposable foam earplugs, there are several reasons to invest in a custom-fit option. They’re reusable from a more secure fit to better noise reduction, so you don’t have to dispose of them after each use. Salem Audiology Clinic highly recommends custom-fit earplugs for anyone that works in loud environments or participates in activities that require noise attenuation, such as yard work with machinery, shooting or hunting, music, and more.

Doctor examination

Donate old hearing aids.

You can also donate your hearing aids to fit others who experience hearing loss and cannot afford new technology. Our patients, who offer their previous aids when upgrading to new units, are pleased to learn that we send them to non-profit organizations that fit them on children and adults locally in Salem, Oregon, through the Frink Foundation, and other countries, including Nicaragua.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have hearing aids you’d like to donate.

Going green can be easier this year than you may think, and we love helping encourage eco-friendly choices in our patients. Suppose you would like to contribute to being part of the change in 2022. In that case, we encourage you to visit and join us by discovering ways to change even just a few habits in your daily living which will have a positive environmental impact on a local and global level.