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Your Woodburn Hearing Aid Specialists

This is one of the best times in our history if you have a hearing loss. Technology has improved so much in the last ten years that it is sometimes hard for hearing professionals to keep up. The competitiveness of the hearing aid manufacturers to develop the best technology only serves to benefit the customer. And with so many options available it can be difficult to sift through all of the marketing to determine what the best solution for you is.

The simplest way to determine what is best for you is to narrow down your choices based on the following areas:

  1. Your needs (Technological solutions)              
  2. Your style preferences (i.e. physical design)
  3. Your budget                                                         

If you live in or around Woodburn Oregon. Our staff of highly trained Audiologists at Woodburn Hearing Center can help match your needs with the right hearing instruments.

Woodburn Hearing Center Specialties

  • Audiological Testing
  • Speech in Noise Test (Quick Sin)
  • Pure Tone Thresholds
  • Bone Conduction Thresholds
  • Speech Reception Thresholds
  • Speech Discrimination Testing
  • Impedance & Tympanometry
  • Loudness Discomfort Testing
  • Site of Lesion Diagnostic Tests
  • Industrial Audiology.


Hearing Aid Repair Services in Woodburn

Our experienced hearing aid tech professionals are available for walk-in repairs and services at this location. Generally, they will be able to repair your hearing device in-house while you wait. 

Same-Day Hearing Aid Repair Services: 

  • Clean and Checks 
  • Replacing Ear Mold Tubing 
  • Fixing Most Battery Doors 

Due to the demand and tech availability, we ask that you please call ahead to schedule your service or repair. We will do our best to get you in as quickly as possible with as short of a turn around time that we can provide.

Feel free to visit our Services and Repairs page to find out more information on all of the services provided at Salem Audiology Clinic. 

Location and hours of operation: 

1301 Evergreen Rd., Ste. E
Woodburn, OR 97071
Monday – Friday: 9am–5pm
With lunch from 12pm – 1pm
Please call ahead for any service or repair needs

Driving Directions: 

From I-5: take Exit 271, turn East (right if coming from the South, left if coming from the North) on OR-214/ Hillsboro/ Silvertone Hwy, turn left on Evergreen Rd, continue to the strip mall on the left at the end of Evergreen, turn left into the strip mall and we are located on the far North-East end.


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