Good Hearing Ambassador Program

Hearing loss affects over 11% of the U.S population – over 30 million people. For those over age 65, the number increases to over 40% with a hearing loss. Most of these people have a hearing loss that is treatable through medication, surgery, or amplification systems such as hearing aids and assistive listening devices. However, of the 34 million people who could benefit only 24% seek treatment and successfully obtain it.

Although we’re not sure why this number is staggeringly low, we believe that many factors contribute to it. Whether its cost, perceived effectiveness, or even the quality of service received. The one thing we do know is when we get a referral from one of our patients, it makes us feel great!

This tells us that we have done a good job and our patients are so satisfied they have recommended his/her friend or family to Salem Audiology Clinic

How Our Ambassador Program Works

You are already recommending us to your friends and family, we just try to make it easier for you! Our Ambassador Program will help those who you refer to follow through on seeking help, and we reward you when they do!

  • Refer a new patient for a complete diagnostic hearing evaluation or hearing aid demonstration and receive a $10 gift certificate towards any product or service in our clinic (batteries, repairs, hearing aids, assistive devices, insurance co-pays, etc.).
  • If the new Patient is a candidate for hearing aids and orders, you will receive an additional $20 just for the order.
  • If the new patient keeps their new aids past 30 days, you will receive a gift certificate equal to 5% of their purchase price.

As an example, if you refer a patient who orders a new set of hearing aids for $3,000 and keeps them, you would receive a gift certificate totaling $180.

Our philosophy is to provide such great customer service that our patients will want to help us grow our business so we may continue to help others.

Reviews and Testimonial Programs

If you would like to participate. Simply write up a short paragraph describing your experience with us and a little about how our hearing care services have impacted your life. Each time we publish your testimonial, you receive a $5 certificate to our clinics.

Video Testimonials

Not the writing type? Tell us about your experience with the camera! At our clinic, we can record a short video allowing you the opportunity to recall your experiences with hearing loss, hearing aids, and our services. This video may be featured on our website or social media pages to help new and interested patients discover our clinic.

Because this is such a personal commitment to our business, we proved a $25 gift certificate for video testimonials that are used.

Online Reviews

Another great way to earn rewards and help our business is to write a review of Salem Audiology Clinic online using sites such as Facebook, Google Reviews, Yelp or even here on our site under the reviews page! You will receive a %5 gift certificate for each unique review

If you have any questions about the Ambassador Program or would like to get started with a testimonial fill out our Ambassador form found HERE, or contact us today!