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It’s October which means two things. One, it’s Audiology Awareness Month and two, It’s counting down the days to Halloween! And whether your plans involve trick-or-treating duty or a costume party you can incorporate hearing-loss-friendly ideas to make the night fun and safe.

Halloween and hearing loss tips

Consider a hearing-loss friendly doorbell

If you plan on passing out candy and are expecting trick-or-treaters this Halloween, you might consider looking into doorbells for those with hearing loss. Some provide visual alerts, amplification, or different chime melodies. These devices are sold in a variety of features and pricing options to best suit your needs.

Be mindful of loud events

Halloween events such as haunted houses, and other events can have high-level sound effects or music. Make sure that you bring hearing protection to an error on the side of caution. Even with a pair of inexpensive pair of earplugs, you can enjoy the freights, sites, and sounds of the season without risking hearing damage.

Interact on your terms

If you are attending a Halloween get-together or event, keep in mind some important social tips for people with hearing loss. A few helpful ideas to make you feel more comfortable include:

  • Find a quiet area within the venue.
  • Ask the host to adjust the music volume if needed.
  • Take breaks and step away completely to a quiet place for a few minutes to reset.
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Trick-or-Treating with hearing loss

If you plan on heading out around town to participate in trick-or-treating it’s important to make sure you have a few things in order before you leave to ensure you don’t run into any issues or during your night out on the town. Here are a few tips to make the most of your spooktacular night.

Make sure your devices are charged before heading out

If you have plans on going out, the last thing you need is your equipment cutting out halfway through the evening. Be prepared by either having your equipment fully charged or make sure that you have a few extra sets of batteries handy in case you need a quick replacement on the go. You can also use your smartphone to charge your devices in an absolute pinch, so make sure you have a charging cord with you.

Dressing up?

If you wear hearing aids and plan to dress up and wear a mask or head covering, make sure to check the fitment the night before. This allows you enough time to make any potential adjustments if needed. The last thing you want to spoil your night is dislodging or damaging your hearing aids on accident.

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Plan accordingly

It can get cold this time of year, and regardless of whether you have hearing loss or not you want to make sure you keep your ears warm. The cold weather can lower blood flow, it can increase the risk of ear infections. If it is going to be a cold night, be sure to wear earmuffs or a warm hat to help keep your ears covered.

Make sure you are visible to vehicles when going out at night to trick-or-treat. Many Halloween costumes can be dark, so it’s a good idea to either have a reflective or lit vest or armband or tape a piece of reflective tape to your bag. Having a flashlight is always a good idea to help navigate dark steps and pathways through the night.

It’s important to be with other people to star stay, with or without hearing loss, to make the most of your fright night activities with the best company. It helps to be around people who understand your hearing loss needs to avoid feeling any type of discomfort throughout the night. Have a plan of action for meeting places, check-in spots, and return times before leaving, so you can have a fun and safe Halloween.

Halloween is right around the corner, so make sure your hearing equipment is functioning properly before the festivities kick off. This time of year is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, and hearing loss shouldn’t keep you from making the most of the night. Enjoy your night and the treats that come with it this Halloween season!