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Before now, if you needed to be fit with hearing aids, the choice was simple: you would see an audiologist or licensed hearing care professional.However, today’s options have expanded and become more complicated. With online-only retailers, big box stores, and over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, you can buy them at drug stores such as Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Despite the various options, the best place to buy hearing aids is still by consulting a hearing professional. We will explain why.

Hearing loss is individual, and your treatment plan should be too

Audiology consultation

Hearing is a complex and nuanced sense that varies significantly from person to person, much like our sense of taste. As a result, the best solution for hearing loss should be just as unique and tailored to individual needs.

Hearing aids, when fitted and programmed by experienced hearing care professionals, provide a reliable and personalized solution for those with hearing loss.

Sophisticated Tech

Glasses have been the go-to solution for vision issues, and hearing aids have been the preferred option for hearing loss for a long time. This is especially true today, with the latest hearing aids boasting more technology and advancements.

These devices can do exceptionally sophisticated things to help us hear better and stay connected, such as health tracking and Bluetooth connectivity. We wear them for hours daily, every day, in a small device that sits in our ears.

However, just like any complex tool – or even a simple one like a chisel – hearing aids produce even better results when used by a skilled expert. That’s where hearing professionals come in.

Selecting A new hearing aid

Hearing Aids are An investment; don’t make them an expense

It’s important to remember that improving your hearing is an investment. However, properly investing in hearing aids can significantly improve your communication abilities, reconnect you with the world, and enhance your overall quality of life. When purchasing hearing aids, it’s best to go to a hearing professional who can provide personalized service, guide you through the process, answer your questions, and ensure that you have the correct devices for your specific needs and lifestyle.

Although this may cost more, receiving expert care, support, and ongoing maintenance for a crucial sensory function like hearing is worth it. Tailoring your hearing aids to your individual needs and lifestyle will give you the confidence that they will work when you need them and provide you with reliable usage.

The difference between expense and satisfaction

Investing in hearing aids makes sense when they are working to improve your hearing. If you keep them unused in the case, they will be nothing more than an expense. To ensure that your hearing aids are tailored to your specific needs, you should seek the help of a trained hearing professional with the necessary skills and expertise to fit and program them according to your hearing abilities and lifestyle requirements.

Every individual’s hearing is unique, so hearing professionals start by conducting tests to determine the frequencies you find hard to hear, whether one or both ears are affected, and what your hearing thresholds are. These are just some parameters that your hearing professional will look at. In addition to these, they will also ask you lifestyle questions like what you gain from hearing better, what specific sounds you want to hear better, what type of environments you want to hear better in, how active you are, whether you are tech-savvy, whether you have any dexterity issues, and whether there are any style concerns or specific features that are must-haves.

In contrast, over-the-counter hearing aids rarely provide the level of customization that a hearing professional can offer. You may not get asked these critical questions and may have to rely on your research to find the best device that suits your hearing loss and lifestyle needs.

Only after your hearing wants and needs are discovered can your hearing professional tailor a solution specifically for you. This ensures that your hearing solution is customized to your individual requirements, providing you with the benefits and reliability you demand when needed.

Get your hearing aids from an experienced hearing care professional

As leaders in the hearing health industry for over 40 years, we have witnessed significant changes and advancements. However, one thing has remained constant- hearing aids that are fitted and supported by skilled and caring hearing professionals produce the best and most satisfying results. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you get your hearing aids from a hearing care professional rather than buying them from the internet, calling a 1-800 number, or purchasing them off the shelf at a pharmacy.

Salem Audiology Clinic can help
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