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With hearing loss affecting as much as 50 percent of adults in the U.S over the age of 60. Two-thirds of adults over 70, and a staggering four out of every five people 85 and up. However, less than 20 percent of people with hearing loss seek treatment.

This begs the question, why such a considerable variance between those with hearing loss and so few who decide to treat it?

We understand that some initial push-back comes into play. With cost being the number one, stigma has become a significant variable in those who decide not to treat hearing loss for the sake of feeling old.

A new era

Hearing aids of old are a large part of the reason this perception exists. Generally big, bulky, and beige, there was not much “discreet” about them. It was very apparent that someone was wearing hearing aids.

But like many of today’s electronics, phones, computers, and even hearing aids became more powerful while becoming less bulky and noticeable.

Sleek Design hearing aid

Time to drop hearing aid stigma

With advancements in technology, today’s hearing aids are more robust, have more features, and are more powerful than their predecessors. Not only are today’s hearing aids more discreet, but they come in a multitude of colors. Add to the fact that more people are being seen with hearing aids; the only reason you would stand out is if you’re having to ask people to repeat themselves or keep answering — WHAT?

Also, because there has been more research and studies performed, we are more aware of the implications of leaving hearing loss untreated and its effect on our general health and well-being. We know that significant comorbidities are linked to untreated hearing loss, such as depression and anxiety, diminished cognitive function, higher risk of falls and imbalance, and social isolation.

Active healthy middle aged couple

Living a healthier lifestyle is becoming very in-demand

Now, more than ever, people are taking charge of how they age, taking care of health and wellness issues sooner rather than later. Living a healthier lifestyle is a big part of why people gain more confidence in wearing hearing aids and why the stigma is starting to fade.

Many celebrities are now advocating for hearing loss treatment. Whoopi Goldberg, Award-winning actress, comedian, and co-host of the T.V talk show “The View,” has worn hearing aids in both ears for years due to noise-induced hearing loss as a child, listening to loud music as a child. She is very open about her experience with hearing loss. She hopes that she can prevent young people from making the same mistake she did.

And as we mentioned earlier, with the innovation in today’s technology, hearing aids do so much more than “increase sound.” From streaming Bluetooth audio to counting your steps, tracking your heart rate, and even detecting falls. These hearing aids of today not only help you connect to the world around you, but they also allow you to take back your health and so much more.

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